Ago di Sciora
Zanna Gialla
Guido Lisignoli, Bernhard Falett 19-20 agosto 2010
da S2 a S6 A. Invernizzi, D.Piazza  summer 1958

Beautiful crack climbing trad stile with some fixed protection by the second and the last pitches. It reachs the second summit along Ago di Sciora west ridge and stops to the fine terrace at the end of  famous Kasper route.
Belays are equipped with inox bolts.
Difficulties: 6c/A1 (prob. 7a) 6a obl.
Gear: friends from 0.1 to 4. double 0,5.1.2.
Approach: 1 hour from Sciora Hut till to Bondasca Glacier (crampons usefull eventually)
Facing South-West. Sunshine  after 11 a.m.
Descent: rappelling on the route (11 times 50m)