Nepal Tibet 2005

an intense and fascinating travel with an adventurous end

sorelle nepalesi

passaggio in Tibet


This is an interesting trekking between western parts of Nepal and Tibet. During the first week we followed the way along the Karnali River. Later we crossed the border into Tibet. We travelled to the base of Mount Kailash and turned around the mountain as well as many bhuddist and indu pilgrims do. The return by jeep through the tibetan plateau was  obstacled by an heavy snow fall and our  return to Nepal was delayed a few days.

On request you can ask to view the beautyful picture and the mouvie of this interesting trekking or - if you are a small group - we can find out to organize this or a new trekking between Nepal and Tibet.


Il sacro monte Kailash e il lago Manasarovar