trekking and mountaineering to RUWENZORI

January - February

The Ruwenzori group, also called  "the mounts of the moon" is a true mountain the center of Africa, on the border between Uganda and Zaire. Its tops are covered of ice and feed several lakes determining the Nilo sources.
The travel follows a trekk
ing through a very rich vegetation, in a natural and fascinating atmosphere and includes the climbs of the  Daisy summit 5189 m (third top of Africa), beyond to the Mt. Backer and Specke.
The final part of the travel  will take in the National Park of the Ruwenzori, including some navigation and  a few days relaxing on the lake in order to observe the rich  African  wildlife.

Difficulty: trekking of 10 days through one imposing vegetation and mountain terrain, with stages until six hours of way. The climb of the Tip Daisy (optional) is carried out glacier. Normal equipment to the walk in mountain is demanded one. They will come uses local porters for the transport of the material.
Overnights: hotels, shelters or stretch.
Meal: restaurants and camping kitchen  with cook.
Personal equipment: footwear from trekking, apparel trekking with some warm heads, wind jacket, sleeping bag, torch, advisable one impermeable cape, boots and crampons for the climb to the Tip Daisy.

1 and 2 day: departure from Milan Malpensa with flight for Entebbe (Uganda) on the rivers of the Victoria lago, transfer in hotel to Kampala.
3 day: transfer in minibus to Kasese to the slopes of the massive one of the Ruwenzori, preparations you for the trekking.
4 day: 1 day of way until the Nyabitaba shelter to 2500 meters of quota
5 day: the bridge to the confluence of fiumo the Bujuku and Mubuku then laughed them is crossed until the shelter John Matte to 3200 m.
6 day:  nice walk on the way to Bujuku lake and the near refuge (m 4000), beautiful views on the Stanley Plateu.
7 day: resting day and acclimatization to the Rif. Bujuku. Possible excursion to the Specke lake on the opposite side of the Sthulmann step, or to the Mt. Specke.
8 day: traversata to Elena Hut  (4540 m) situated to the base of the Stanley Plateu.
9 day: Ascension to the Tip Daisy (5189 m), return to the lake and  Kitandara refuge(4000 m) going through the more charming places of the group.
10 day: day of relax to the Kitandara Shelter, possible ascension to the Mt. Backer (4843m)
11 day: we cross the Freshfield Step (4280m) and come down to Guy Yeomann refuge(3500m) situated near the forest.
12 day: reduction to the Nyabitaba shelter being connected to the gone distance of
13 day: last day of trekking with return to the road and transfer to Mweya on the rivers of the Edward Lago in the National Park of the Ruwenzori.
14e 15 day: days of relax with navigation on the Kazinga channel and its wildlife.
16-19 day: return to Kampala, visits of the surroundings, or days of supply in case of one extended permanence more in the massive one of the Ruwenzori.
20 day: flight of return to Milan Malpensa.
More information on request.

picture above: exemplary of typical vegetation on Mount Kenja in a photo taken on a previous expedition. The new trip to the Ruwenzori carries out in a typical natural landscape with huge vegetation.