Dente del Luf (wolf's teeth)  is located on the Bondasca valley limit. It is also known, on italian side,  as Pig's teeth and this explain the name of the route (Porci con le ali) that means:
Pigs with wings.

I believe the most beautiful routes are the ones that give you the chance to spend a pleasant day: walking through a wood, drinking at a source,  tasting a snack, lying down on the grass, looking at the view around and, obviously, climbing

Bondo > Bondasca road> Ceresc > Cugian (4 km).
Follow a path till Lera Sura (1 hour). By the fountain lead south orizontally till to a creeck then directly through stones towards N-E buttress (easier way to the top) and  cross the ridge reaching the base of West side (1,30 hour in total). Sunshine in the afternoon.