Mountain bike

Among many possibilities of cycling in the entire  Valchiavenna, here are some advisable ones starting
directly from the campsite.

You can follow the bicycle path instead of the main road along Bregaglia valley. This way is longer but without traffic and visits very beautiful places crossing wonderful chestnut and fir tree woods:

1- Aurogo chestnut wood and S. Martino Church
2- Bregalone wood
3- Giavera wood
4- Brentan chestnut wood

The part between Promontogno and Soglio is the only one open to the traffic, but this is very limited. The rest of the way follows cycling tracks, mostly asphalted and the crossing of the main roads are always along tunnels or bridges (except in S.Croce and Borgonuovo if you choose the direct variant, useful on the way back).

Start: Camping Acquafraggia
Height difference:  800 m
km in total:  30

Take a note:

- the final part leading to Soglio is not obligatory but, in any case, quite advisable.

-if you want a longer tour you can follow the Bondasca road departing from Bondo (1 hour).

- the passage of the creek after Brentan is quite peculiar. This follows a tunnel by a bend behind a waterfall.


You can cycle beside Mera River till  Mezzola Lake.

Leave the campsite on the cycling way and pay attention in Chiavenna, go along the central ways (via Dolzino and via P.Bossi), cross the main road (near Intersport) and take via Raschi. Then always straight forward.

By Gordona you must cross the bridge on Mera River, then the way goes on along the left bank of Mera with good cycling and views till to the Lake

It is possible to go further on after Novate,  linking Pian di Spagna Natural Oasi and Como Lake.

The return follows the same way. In case of need you can choose to carry the bike on the train returning to Chiavenna.

Start: Camping Acquafraggia
End: Lago di Mezzola
hight difference: 300 m
km. in total: 20 (one way only).

Pay attention to the traffic during some crossing of the main roads.


OTHER TOURS difficulty difference
in hights* Description of the way
easy 400m 14 It is a simple tour offering a wonderful view over Chiavenna and surrounding. You can also afford it with normal bike.
medium 900m 25 With this itinerary you can reach the huts visible in front of the campsite. Until Uschione the mountain road is very steep in some places.
medium 800 30 For this circle tour you must reach S.Giacomo Filippo (Spluga valley -4 km from Chiavenna) taking the mountain way to Olmo. When you reach the bent indicating Sommarovina,  you follow this way going on till Cigolino. Here  you find the road coming from Mese and you descend on it passing across  S.Antonio village.
4 VAL BODENGO medium 1200m 35 The mountain road from Gordona to Bodengo is asphalted (traffic is limited - steep on the first section). Then is possible to go on till Corte terza and Corte seconda.
5  SEPTIMERPASS difficult 2300m 95 From the campsite you must reach Julierpass (47 km- road) passing along Malojapass, then descend till Bivio. Here you must take the white road till Septimerpass and from there you follow the path going down till Casaccia where you find again the itinerary of the way on (the last part is possible along cycling paths).
* from the campsite to and back

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